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Steve Summerhill

  1. Write it on the back of a $5 bill (my personal favorite!)

  2. Simply ask me when I’m between songs

  3. Put a note on the table with your request

  4. Have a friend do it for you because you’re too shy

  5. Make a sign and hold it over your head

  6. Wait till I’m in the middle of a song, walk up in front of the audience and ask me

  7. While I’m singing, point to a song on your phone so I have to squint, read, and sing at the same time

  8. Wait till I’m in the middle of a song, show me your phone and have me read your request, then engage me in a conversation (This is a good one!)

  9. Wad it up and throw it across the room at me (Almost never works)

  10. Write it across your bare chest in big letters, then jump up and down until you get my attention (this works especially well if you’re female, not so well if you’re a hairy-chested guy)


Hey, no  matter how you do it, I’m always happy to sing your requests.  Thanks for asking!

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