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If you're thinking of booking a date, you may want to check my schedule to see if I'm already booked that day. Frequently I'm able to do a show in the afternoon as well as one later in the evening, so be sure to check the scheduled show times. And, when in doubt, just give me a call.

That's Entertainment

You may be surprised to know that not all musicians are entertainers. Well, maybe not so surprised. Have you ever gone out for the evening and discovered that, although the guy on the stage was a brilliant musician, he still bored you to tears? Happens all the time.



Many local bars and taverns would like to have entertainment for their patrons, but the cost of hiring a full band is prohibitive, and the neighbors complain about the noise. Solo acts and duos aren’t as expensive, but they’re not as exciting either.



Over the years I’ve had some of my best shows at private clubs. Everyone’s heard of The Elks, The Moose, the American Legion and The VFW, but have you ever heard of Saint Stan’s Polish Hall? Yep. I’ve played there. Happily, I’ve played them all.


Private Parties

I could ‘a had live music!

Don’t wait till after your party to slap your forehead and say this; you can arrange for live music right now. Forget the DJ, leave the CD player in the bedroom and tell your friends Steve Summerhill is playing for MY party. 


Vacation Destinations

Okay, maybe I’m indulging in a little wishful thinking. I’ve never played on a cruise ship before, but I’d like to.

I’d also like to play on the deck in front of the volleyball net at some resort town hotel.... sigh.

Listen, if you book entertainment for either of these things, PLEASE give me a call! 

...How was that? Did it sound desperate enough? Huh, did it?

Corporate Events

Always professional, always entertaining, you can be confident that Steve Summerhill will positively represent your company at any corporate event. In fact, having worked for many years as a manager and corporate trainer for a large company, I’ve drawn the assignment of planning such events, and I know how important it is for you to look good for your intended audience as well as your… well you know, your BOSS.


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